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unlearn, relearn. In this page, you find the material I use for the tutorials and some other stuff.

tutorial thermal physics phy2023 - university of Exeter.

#tutorial #thermal #physics #phy2023 #exeter

Down here, useful links and the material for the tutorials.

  • page of the course - here, you find all the notes you need. If used cautiously, Wikipedia is also a great source.
  • suggestions - to make any suggestion on particular topics you would like to touch in the tutorials.
  • introductory video - #misconceptions #temperature #thermal #physics
  • 2020.03.04 - questions | solutions | tips - #maxwell_boltzmann_distribution #equipartition_theorem #probability_density_function #moments_of_variables
  • 2020.03.18 - questions - #thermodynamic_potentials #gibbs_free_energy #maxwell_relations #heat_capacity_ratio

notes - university of Cambridge.

#notes #physics #cambridge

The notes I used in Cambridge are still raw and work-in-progress, they will arrive soon.

notes - university of Siena.

#appunti #fisica #siena

This is the material from my Bachelor's (in Italian). The subjects are the following:

  • algebra
  • algebra lineare e geometria superiore
  • calcolo
  • calcolo numerico
  • chimica
  • complementi di fisica
  • fisica 1
  • fisica 2
  • fisica 3
  • fluidi e termodinamica
  • lab 1
  • lab 2
  • lab 3
  • meccanica analitica
  • meccanica quantistica
  • metodi matematici della fisica
  • nucleare e subnucleare
  • onde e ottica fisica
  • programmazione
  • spettroscopia
  • struttura della materia
  • tecniche sperimentali
  • vario materiale

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